Serving Your Spiritual Needs At


Bible Baptist

Church of

Cathedral City

Attend our Sunday services for spiritual direction, encouragement, and gospel preaching.

If you feel lost and hopeless, find hope in Jesus Christ. We are evangelistic in our approach and reach out to families that need assistance or spiritual healing and renewal. Come to the traditional Sunday services and gospel singing at Bible Baptist Church of Cathedral City.

We help you strengthen your family bonds. Regular prayers will surely change your life and grow your faith. Call or email Pastor James Nolan today!

About Us

Let us join together and pray to the Lord – our God! Whether it’s through preaching, music, or serving, a sense of positive energy exudes when believers gather to worship God together


Our Ministries

Our Evangelism Helps You Experience Divinity in Your Life!


Contact Us


27-620 Landau Blvd
Cathedral City, CA 92234

Our Bible Reading Sessions

From singing gospel hymns to preaching the King James Version Bible, we enjoy our traditional style of service. James Nolan has been serving as a pastor for 40 years and has been providing consistent Bible preaching and teaching that is applicable in this day and age.
We also offer Bible studying sessions for children. We have study sessions on Wednesdays as well. Browse our website to learn more about our services.

Worship to Surpass Your Struggles

We help people in need and provide evangelistic services to church members. Believing in compassion helps us to be more connected to God.

Our ministries serve the communities in Coachella Valley. Visit us every week for our worship services.